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UFCU was the first bank account I ever opened, and I’ve never left

I joined UFCU as an incoming freshman at UT in 1992. It was the first bank account I’d ever opened independently. From that day forward, the employees have always been warm, friendly, professional, and helpful. Any time I’ve ever talked to anybody, it’s been a really personable experience. 

Meredith WThis spring, I refinanced my auto loan with UFCU and got an incredible rate, as well as exceptional service. I purchased a used vehicle in February and financed through the dealership, but their rate wasn’t the best, so I gave UFCU a shot at giving me a better rate. They quickly offered me a better rate than was even advertised, and the process was quick and painless. I did the application online and was able to submit my documents electronically as well.  The whole experience couldn't have been any better. 

I moved to Los Angeles for a few years right after college, and wasn't able to find a job right away. Consequently I wasn't able to maintain the minimum savings balance and thought I would have to close my UFCU account, but UFCU was happy to keep it open. Working with UFCU has always been a warm and comfortable experience.

Member Meredith W
Member since 1993
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