Member Stories

People Helping People

Mark D prioritizes flexibility and compassion for others. An entrepreneur with his own antique store, Mark believes it all comes down to people helping people.

“When I joined the credit union, I had no clue about the services they offered. But becoming a UFCU Member has changed my life. I feel cared for, as opposed to being just another customer at a bank. UFCU has a human side, with caring employees and custom solutions that have helped me straighten out some troubling issues.

Mark sorts books in his antique shop.Over my 30 years of membership, the staff has been available, friendly, and supportive of me. So I have a lot of confidence when it comes to knowing how they will treat me. It's nice when your lender is concerned about your success. No other creditor has earned my respect or trust the same way.

I refinanced a couple of vehicles with UFCU and recently refinanced a brand new truck. I'm glad to be with a lender who knows my financial history. I originally financed through the dealership, and they didn’t even consider the credit union as a lender. But as soon as I could, I turned it around and refinanced with UFCU. Plus when I refinanced, the rate went down.

They’ve also provided me with account security, fraud prevention, and other services when I’ve needed them. The bottom line is UFCU has been really good to me. It’s a good place with good people and good results.

UFCU is not just a bank. It’s a relationship. At my antique store, I like to tell people at the credit union, come on down to my store and you can have a discount because you're a Member. You're a part of my team. We're flexible and we care about people, much like the credit union.

In one word, I’d describe UFCU as irreplaceable. For the staff at UFCU, it all comes back to people helping people. After I had a motorcycle wreck in 2001, they sent me cards and helped me get back on my feet. That just reinforced my feeling of belonging to a credit union as opposed to just being a “customer.” So I thank them for that.”

Name Mark D
Member Since 1982
Services Business Checking, Auto Loan, Credit Card, Money Market, Line-of-Credit