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UFCU: A Family Tradition

Visit one of Austin’s Galaxy Cafe locations and you’ll instantly feel welcome. Cafe co-owner Kelly C says that’s how he feels when he visits UFCU. Kelly has been a UFCU Member since he started out in the food-service industry as a dishwasher in 1989. In 2004, the original Galaxy Cafe opened in South Austin, the first of many local restaurants Kelly co-owns, and he continues to foster that feeling of belonging to the community that he loves.

These days, Kelly also wants to share the experience of friendly service with a very special group of Austinites: his kids. Now that his daughters are at an age to learn about money, he trusts UFCU to give them the same excellent service he values.

“My father worked for The University of Texas and had me open an account with him. I grew up in a financially minded family. I was taught very young how to manage my money and just all the things you try to teach 14-, 15-year-olds just so they're not behind on the money curve when they get out of the house.

My relationship with UFCU obviously started with just a simple savings and checking account. Over the years I used them for my first car loan and then my first mortgage. It's all about relationships for me. And when you talk about a relationship, it really is like a relationship. You're not just another face. I do feel like I am a Member of UFCU.

I have been teaching my kids about money in a fun way since they were little. My older daughter shows me her bank activity over the past month; she uses a debit card. We look at her expenditures and see where she almost ran out of money. I can transfer money over my phone easily into her account. When my daughter withdrew her first dollar, it was a proud moment for me. My dad even called me and said, ‘I remember when we did that.’ So we have a family legacy at UFCU.

With UFCU, a membership inherently says something different from being a customer. I don't feel like I'm a customer, I feel like I'm part of it. It's the same feeling I try to instill in my restaurants. We value giving everybody the same service, not just your first time in. I want value and support all the way through. And I feel like I'm treated that same way.”

Member Kelly C
Member since 1989
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