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Contributing, with Gratitude and Grace

Katherine S founded the Technical Communications program at Austin Community College® (ACC), which is still going strong today. She’s a teacher, an administrator, a published author, a world traveler, and a UFCU Member. We’re proud of Katherine’s contributions to our local community and the world over.

“I first heard about UFCU when I came to Austin as a graduate student. Joining UFCU seemed like a very good thing to do. And it was. Over the years, I’ve seen UFCU grow, and goodness knows, my financial affairs have changed. When I finished my PhD in 1977, I was lucky enough to find full-time employment at ACC. ACC has provided a route for students to transfer in and achieve some truly excellent vocational degrees.

Katherine S (articleimage_250x171)Now, in blessed retirement, I do a lot of reading, arts events, and I travel a good deal to collect tribal and ethnic art. I frequently go to places that are off the beaten path. Most recently, I was in India, and on this trip, UFCU helped me the most. Imagine my horror when I tried to use an ATM, and found that my account was nearly empty. I called UFCU from India and got an emergency loan. I'm so grateful.

UFCU has made me feel secure. I find the staff absolutely wonderful. Every person seems well qualified and eager to please. UFCU just needs to go on doing the same wonderful things they’ve been doing. I'm counting on UFCU to help me as I go.

Over my career and my travels, I’ve met many people who have become dear friends. I'd like to think that perhaps we’ve helped some people along the way. It all went by very fast. What sticks with me most from my travels is the people I meet. I’ve been welcomed so graciously, with hospitality and kindness. All I can do is just say thanks, and accept with gratitude. That's real grace.”

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