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Small Business Hits the Big Time

Jordan J’s voice is versatile and distinctive — you might have heard it in ads, video games, and animated movies. Jordan, a long-time UFCU Member, has been in demand as a professional voice actor and has successfully transitioned into on-camera acting as well. UFCU has been pleased to support Jordan as his story arc unfolds. Jordan had been a UFCU Member long before he needed our commercial services, which include a Premium Business Checking account integration with popular accounting software, and a commercial loan. He says UFCU’s business support came as a welcome surprise:

“It's been perfect — almost too eyebrow-raisingly perfect. There have been times I've been on the phone or at the bank where I'm like, "Really? You do that?”

Jordan works on his laptop.

People think it's just the big-name banks that offer mobile services, but I've worked with both, and you can't tell the difference with UFCU. It makes it easy to see when I've been paid and when I haven't been paid. It syncs up with QuickBooks and PayPal perfectly. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I'll get notified that I got a payment.

I love the voice acting part. Honestly, I don't love the finances part of owning my own business. It was a little intimidating to leave the security of the corporate world and a secure job to go out on my own. So, I really needed a financial partner I could lean on, someone local that I could trust. I wanted to set it and forget it! Because of my history with UFCU, that’s exactly what I did. I walked in, laid my cards out, and just started my business with them. I’m proud of my company, J-Vox Voice-Over Services.”

Jordan’s testimony speaks to UFCU’s commitment to employment growth in all its forms. We have a soft spot for entrepreneurs and other small business owners and take pride in becoming part of their success stories, because small businesses are an engine of employment at the community level, and we want you to do well. When our community is strong, we are strong.

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