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Playing and Winning in His Community

Jonathan G is many things: a college grad, a CPA, an entrepreneur. He’s the Assistant Director of student accounts at St Edward’s University and a long-time Member of UFCU. But most of all, Jonathan’s a gamer. He loves board games, community, and the results when those two things come together.

“I love board games because they create community. They give people a reason to come together. Games create a structure for adults and kids to get together and have fun. You sit around this little piece of cardboard and play. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. It's the experience. It’s just people talking, having fun, and that's something we don't see enough of, as adults.

I found that there were so many people that wanted to play games, I started my own convention. Board Game Bash is a convention where people make friends and develop relationships. I love being able to create something unforgettable for people. It's really a rewarding and incredible experience.

Jonathan GIn the future, I’d love to deliver Board Game Bash to an even bigger audience. And just let it take over my life a little bit more. That would be great: being able to deliver fun, fantastic experiences to people. And I’m sure UFCU will be there with me as I work to try and make that happen.

UFCU literally has been with me my entire adult life. I moved to Austin when I was 17, and one of the first things I did was open a UFCU account. At every stage of my life, UFCU has been the first place I’ve turned to. They helped me with my first credit card, first loan, first car, first home, and my first business. They’ve stood by me since I was a nervous kid entering college and they’re still standing by me today. It's been 20 years, and I've never had a complaint. That’s insane! To be with someone that long and have things be so smooth and easy. It’s a relationship I really value.

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