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Building Community and Finding Success

Jessie B believes in giving back to her community. She runs a printing, embroidery, and design business in Galveston. Jessie has also created a small business group that gets together weekly to discuss how they can help each other grow. She’s helping to build her community.

Jessie B stands outside of her business“I’ve had my own business since 2014. That’s when I joined UFCU. I opened an account with just $5. Then I got a business credit card, borrowed money to buy a business vehicle, and it was off from there!

My business keeps me very busy. I check my account online every morning on my phone or my computer. It’s easy to stay on top of my balances and my deposits. I’m monitoring all that while I’m on the run. I don't have to worry about my employees telling me when a deposit has cleared. It's all right there on my computer.

The process for taking out an auto loan for my business was so easy. In fact, it was all done by phone and email. At that point, I had not even walked into the credit union yet! The process of getting a credit card was the same. I’ve gotten so many things that I needed for the business quickly and easily, and now we've grown into a bigger location. Today we can offer all the services of a large printing company right here on the island. We have machines for lamination, printing, and cutting. We can do large signs and wrap vehicles or small banners, flyers, business cards, and things like that for the community.

UFCU is awesome. The representatives at my location are so helpful. I can reach out to them by phone or email. When I need anything, if I have a question on my account, I just let UFCU know and they look into it. It's like I have a personal banker in my purse at all times. My UFCU representatives are more than financial advisors. They’re my community, my friends. There's a comfort level in knowing all I have to do is contact them about any business issue and it will be taken care of that day. My reps are amazing.

It’s important to be a part of your community. I’ve been the facilitator for the Galveston Network Alliance since 2000. I've created a small business group and we get together every week. We talk about how we can help each other grow. We want to be actively involved in our community and to help others.

One day I’ll look up, and I'll have my successful business. Hopefully, I’ll have a large investment to prove I’ve made this company grow, with the help of UFCU.

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