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Member Stories

UFCU gives me security and convenience. They’ve helped me build myself up.

I originally heard about UFCU from my mother, who has had an account for years. I was 17 and needed a bank account, so I started off with a teen checking account and then got my first job. Now, I've graduated from college and am working my first “adult” position. I've gone from teen checking to regular checking to Plus checking with some money market savings. I got my first credit card through UFCU and I've slowly built up my financial portfolio over the past 6 years. UFCU has given me amazing security, modern convenience, and a leg up as I’ve built myself up over the first few years of my career.

I work for St. Edward’s University where I’m on the IT Communication team. We keep the campus community informed about what's happening with their digital technology and put on various events, like ATX Hack for Change, an annual civic hackathon. It's a really varied and nuanced job that I've had a lot of fun with over this past year, and so I know a little bit about security through technology, which makes protection a priority.

Jesse browses in the librarySomeone actually nabbed my debit card a couple weeks ago, but UFCU called me immediately. I had to get a new card and it was handled in about 8 minutes, start-to-finish. This speaks to the quality of the financial security UFCU offers. (And no one is taking my money!)

Now that I’m more established, I can start thinking about tomorrow. I'm looking to buy an electric car in the next four years and I hope to buy a house before my 30s. UFCU has been the only institution I've actively put money into, and I see no reason to change that. 

I appreciate UFCU’s modern conveniences, like the Mobile Banking app that I pretty much use daily. It has a very straightforward, no-nonsense design where I can see my accounts and what's available. Now I'm paying with my Apple Watch through Apple Pay whenever I'm able. It speeds things up and I don't have to worry about finding my card or typing anything in — I just flash my watch and it's done.

Name Jesse P
Member Since 2010
Services Credit Card, Money MarketPlus Checking