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Member Stories

Being a UFCU member inspires poetry.

It was 2012 when I learned about UFCU. I visited the downtown location to open an account and become a Member. I paid a one-time $25.00 fee that went toward a scholarship program at The University of Texas at Austin™. My experience with UFCU has been great, and I’m glad to be affiliated with them. Other banks have offered me brochures and so forth, trying to recruit me. I've looked at those flyers, and sometimes I’ve talked to them about what they’re all about, but I have never been swayed to leave UFCU.

I like to write poems about anything that affects me, and being a Member of my first ever credit union affects me. I've never been affiliated with a bank. Inspired, I wrote a poem about UFCU. And since I like propagating good news, which includes promoting a business that I feel is worthy, I endeavor to promote UFCU in this poem. I’ve shared it online and verbally at times. It’s my way of spreading the good news about UFCU.

Jeffery H explores the library. Most often, I frequent the UFCU Ben White location. It’s a great environment and the employees are always friendly. I am learning more of the employees’ names there, and even if I don’t know some of their names, I know some of their faces. They are always nice and helpful and promptly take care of me. Likewise, when I call a UFCU representative by phone, any problem or issue is remedied with civility, concern, and appreciation for my membership.

I feel I'm investing in UFCU as I use my account to deposit my monthly check, and get money orders to pay my rent, etc. I use a separate card to make online purchases and pay my cell phone bill, so I don’t have to use my regular card information online. In my poem, I mention that I used to have a card that required me to pay a fee for making purchases online.  Now I use a UFCU card for online purchases so I’ve cut out those fees, thanks to an employee who shared details about the card.

I am into conserving energy so I really appreciate the fact that the Ben White location is run by solar power. UFCU is a great place to do business and be a Member. I don’t think I’ll be leaving. My poem is called UFCU and Credit Unions Are the Best. I’d like to share an excerpt:

"To join UFCU l'll ask others day to day,
and a friend said with her bank she chose to stay.
My teacher took a UFCU card, as it I proffered, 
and a lady was with UFCU already, a card I offered..."

Member Jeffery H
Member Since 2012
Services Free Checking
Representative Porfirio D