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My only regret is that I didn’t become a UFCU member sooner

I just joined UFCU about a month and half ago, when I needed to refinance my auto loan to pay for my dog’s surgery. I went to my bank first, but they wanted a $100 application fee and 8% interest, and I was already paying 5% on my current loan. Then I saw a banner offering 2.15% at UFCU. I knew I had positive equity in my truck, so I went into the branch and met Evan.

Evan was very personable and made me feel like I was doing business with a friend, instead of a person without a name. Evan got the auto refinance rolling, and during the process, he was also able to offer me a UFCU credit card at a much lower rate than my current card. I transferred my balances and saved myself a bunch of money.

Jason and his beloved dogsI really liked that Evan was able to show me all the rates I could get if I did a 24-month versus a 36-month versus a 48-month auto loan, and he showed me exactly how my credit score would affect my rate. It wasn’t a black box where you just submit a signature and are told what interest rate you’re being offered—I was able to pick the interest rate and payment that worked best for my budget.

UFCU is ultimately saving me money by charging less interest, and that will allow me to get out of debt much faster. I’ve been with banks for 13 years, and I’m slowly in the process of moving all my accounts to credit unions. I’ve been very happy with my experiences so far.

Member Jason D
Member since 2014
Services Auto Loan, Credit Card
Representative Evan W