Member Stories

UFCU places value on authenticity and integrity.

My wife and I first joined UFCU when we bought our home. We had tried to get a mortgage loan at another credit union, and it was not nearly the same experience. Our agent wanted us to use an independent mortgage broker, but I wasn’t that impressed. We called UFCU and spoke to Scott, and everything was pretty much taken care of from there. The house we got was a real good deal, and Scott was super helpful. Scott took care of the road bumps and was real good about soothing them over.

More recently, my wife and I decided to work on lowering the debt we accrued through years of undergraduate and postgraduate education. I stopped into the North Guadalupe location and was expertly assisted by the knowledgeable Tammy. She explained several strategies for reducing debt and helped us apply for a personal loan so that we could pay off some of our high-interest accounts. I appreciated her friendly attitude and felt valued as a Member.

James sits on his front stepsI also worked with Christina to complete the loan application, and she was also very courteous and friendly. We did end up getting the loan, but even if we hadn't, I would have felt like I was important to UFCU.

UFCU has given us a framework with steps we can take now, and they let us know what they hope to do for us next year too, when we’ve paid some of our loan down. It’s important to maintain that kind culture as a business. The people at UFCU have placed a value on authenticity and integrity, and they’re just great, very positive people. I’ve been overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised by the level of service.

Member James H
Member Since 2012
Services Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan, Checking, Savings
Representative Tammy T, Christina M, Scott R