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UFCU actually cares for the people they serve

I want to recognize Financial Representatives Lauren and Alyssa, who are perhaps two of the best professionals I’ve ever come across in the banking industry. These two women demonstrate that banking is not just a “business” for UFCU—it’s a dynamic relationship that has a practical impact on people’s lives. 

Within a few weeks of opening an account with UFCU, I applied for a line of credit. There were some specifics to the request that required a conversation to understand, but I was never given the opportunity. To my surprise, I was declined without an interview.

A few days later, I expressed my displeasure to Lauren. What happened next amazed me. She apologized for the lack of communication and immediately got on the phone with Alyssa, who was extremely gracious. She informed me that I should have received better communication, and she restructured the application for me. That application was approved the next week, and Alyssa called me several times to follow up with me and make sure things were going well. It was superior customer service from beginning to end.

Greg LiottaEven if that second application had never been approved, I would still be a lifelong member of UFCU because of these two professionals. Lauren and Alyssa showed me that UFCU actually cares for the people they serve and understands the value of mutual respect. This isn’t just a place to deposit and withdraw. It’s a place where life decisions are manifested and dreams are made possible, and these are the kinds of people I want managing something so intimately personal to me: my money and what I choose to do with it.

This experience has changed my entire perspective on dealing with financial institutions. It made my practical life better, and it makes me feel good about being a partner with UFCU. Every time I walk into that branch, I am greeted with smiles all around. I know that I am not just a number to them. The way they’ve treated with me makes me feel confident that I can bank here for the rest of my life.

I hope UFCU knows what exceptional people they have and how proud I am to be a part of this credit union. I pass those sentiments along to anybody who asks, and I will always be loyal to UFCU.

Member Greg L
Member since 2013
Services Signature Loan, CheckingSavings, Credit Card
Representative Lauren H & Alyssa H