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Member Stories

I trust UFCU.

I learned about UFCU when I was looking for a loan. I belonged to another credit union, but the UFCU rate was 5% lower and I joined immediately! My experience has been great and I have learned the importance of having a relationship with the bank. My representative has always helped me quickly and has made the process easy.

I use the mobile banking app and even have my son, who's 14, using it as well. He loved it when his Grandpa paid him with a check. He just took a picture of it right there and made the deposit. Grandpa was impressed.

Ginger WNext I’m looking to UFCU for homeowner insurance and possibly auto insurance. I'm confident I will get a good deal with UFCU. I trust them. They're always right there, responding to emails and talking to me about whatever I need to make the right decision. It’s very straight-forward and they’re very knowledgeable.

I’m especially a fan of the educational events that UFCU hosts. I work for The University of Texas Medical Branch and they host ‘Lunch and Learns’ for us. I really like how personable and helpful all the representatives are. If you have a question, they get right back to you. They get you the answer. 

Most importantly, UFCU is honest, caring, real people — like us. I feel comfortable there. I appreciate the employees who’ve helped me, like Rodney and Elizabeth. I feel connected and I would recommend UFCU to community members, because going to UFCU is a good thing to do.

Member Ginger W
Member since 2014
Services Free Checking, Personal Loan
Representative Elizabeth B