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UFCU Means Trust

Ginger W found UFCU when she was looking for an auto loan. She joined to take advantage of low rates, but has stayed because of the relationships. She especially appreciates the education, the trust, and the connections that come with UFCU membership.

Ginger W“I learned about UFCU when I was looking for a loan. I belonged to another credit union, but the UFCU rate was 5% lower, and I joined immediately! My experience has been great, and I have learned the importance of having a relationship with my financial institution. My UFCU representatives have always helped me quickly and made the process easy.

I use the mobile banking app and even have my teenage son using it as well. He loved it when his Grandpa paid him with a check. He just took a picture of it right there and made the deposit. Grandpa was impressed.

Next I’m looking to UFCU for homeowner insurance and possibly auto insurance. I'm confident I will get a good deal with UFCU. I trust them. They're always right there, responding to emails and talking to me about whatever I need to make the right decision. It’s very straight-forward and they’re very knowledgeable.

I’m especially a fan of the educational events that UFCU hosts. I work for The University of Texas Medical Branch, and they host ‘Lunch and Learns’ for us. I really like how personable and helpful all the representatives are. If you have a question, they get right back to you. They give you the answer.

Most importantly, UFCU is honest, caring, real people — like us. I feel comfortable here. I appreciate the employees who have helped me, like Rodney and Elizabeth. I feel connected and I would recommend UFCU to community members, because going to UFCU is a good thing to do.”

Member Ginger W
Member Since 2014
Services Free Checking, Personal Loan
Representative Elizabeth B