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An Enduring Partnership

Ed T is a full-time freelance writer and consultant who has worked in Austin over 20 years. He authors multiple books, articles, and blogs every year. Ed started banking with UFCU as a UT grad student in 1976. He’s relied on UFCU as his financial partner ever since to help manage his cash flow and care for his family.

EdT_articleimage_250x171"I've changed jobs and moved many times over the past 41 years, but the one constant for me here has been UFCU. They've always been there for me when I needed them, and I'm amazed at how much they've grown.

Back in the ‘80s, I bought a used Volkswagen Rabbit and oh gosh, it turned out I didn't have quite enough cash on hand. The dealer’s interest rates at the time were quite high. The reason I went to UFCU (and why I still always go to them today) is because their interest rate was a good two percentage points better than what the dealer offered.

Later in the early ‘90s, I had some cash flow issues right after I started my business. I knew I was going to get paid; it was just a matter of when. I got a line of credit with UFCU, and the main thing I used it for — and what I really appreciated about it — was it gave me a way to smooth out my cash flow while I was waiting to get paid by various suppliers and companies. UFCU made it possible for me not to worry about having money in my account to cover outstanding checks. That was really terrific.

Today, everyone in my family is a Member. UFCU has grown a lot since I joined. I've watched branches spring up like mushrooms after the rain. It's pretty convenient to bank at UFCU, no matter where you live. And it's always a pleasure to go in and take care of business.

I really like working with the people at UFCU. As someone who's self-employed, I particularly appreciate UFCU's fast, friendly service. They've done a great job of making things available online, which is extremely convenient for someone like me, who makes his living through the Internet. UFCU makes it possible for me to handle nearly all of my finances online. And that's exactly how I like it."

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