Member Stories

It’s Personal

Dawn and her husband moved to Texas from Hawaii and became UFCU Members when he got a job with Galveston College. They like the personal experience that comes with banking at a local credit union.

“What I like most about being a UFCU Member is that it’s not a huge corporation. It’s more personal. Our representatives, Geneva and Jill, are great to work with, and they know us personally. They’re professional, helpful, and always available. I feel like they’re looking out for us, and would be willing to help if we ever got into a bind. We have UFCU checking and savings accounts and an auto loan. I use Online Banking to manage it all, and my experience has been great.

Dawn U When we bought our new car, we got our loan approved with UFCU before we went to the dealership. When we got to the financing part of the sale, we coolly said, ‘No thanks, we’re financing it through our credit union.’ They were taken aback and certain they could give us a better rate, but they couldn’t compare to UCFU. We smiled and drove our new car right out of there.”

Member Dawn U
Member since 2004
Services Checking, Savings, Certificates, Auto Loan
Representative Jill K