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UFCU has never let us down

One of our first employers was a business partner with UFCU, and everybody who worked there had accounts with UFCU. So we first established our UFCU membership many years ago. Lin bought her first car with UFCU, and we opened youth accounts for our children too.

Lauren and Linda at the University branch have helped us so many times over the years. They’ve held our hands and told us not to worry when things went wrong, and they’ve always fixed problems when they said they would.

David and Lin converse while sitting on their sofaOne time, we were victims of account fraud, and $1,000 went missing from our account. Lauren took care of everything and got us that $1,000 back, no questions asked. UFCU eventually found out what happened and recovered the money, but they didn’t wait until then to help us. They believed us from the start and helped us right away.

Another time, we were on the way to the airport, heading to Europe, and we realized that the only debit card we brought was a canceled card. We thought we were in big trouble, but UFCU was able to activate the card so we could make purchases while we were on the trip.

Most recently, we had to change an account number and open a new account, but we accidentally used an old checkbook to write several checks, and they all bounced and triggered overdraft fees. We were so embarrassed, but Lauren fixed everything for us. Afterward, she told us to bring our old checkbooks in so she could destroy them. She’s just been so nice and helpful.

UFCU member services have always been responsive and effective, far more than typical customer service departments.

Members David & Lin R
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