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UFCU has always been there for our family

I started with UFCU when I was a carpenter at UT 20 years ago. Since then, we’ve bought our home and our automobiles with UFCU. We look to UFCU whenever we have something out of the ordinary. They never let us down. Interest rates have been great, and service is always good when you walk into a location. I had always assumed this type of treatment was due to my tenured relationship with UFCU, but I can tell they treat every member with the same respect.

My youngest son bought a car with UFCU a while back too. He lives up in Dallas, and he was checking interest rates and asked if I would send him the Downtown manager's name, so he could see what UFCU could do for him. UFCU was able to finance his car loan, and we continue to recommend UFCU when we can. 

David KWhen I first joined, UFCU was a very small, but it’s the customer service and the friendliness, whether you’re sitting down and talking to a loan officer or just emailing when something comes up. Even when I’ve dealt with upper management, it’s personal with UFCU. No one I know from my branch has ever left to go anywhere else, and I'm a real firm believer in that.

I've always felt like if I got in a bind, I could probably walk into UFCU and say, “look guys, I'm in a bind. Could you work with me a little?” It has taken me 20 years to build up this type of confidence and trust in a financial institution.

Member David K
Member Since 1996
Services Checking, Mortgage, AutoCredit Card
Representative Cheryl R