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David G has a love for Austin and the advantages of banking locally. He left the city for a while and tried Houston and Dallas, but loved UFCU so much, he refused to bank elsewhere. Back where he belongs, David is grateful that UFCU has been around to take part in his bigger life moments.

"UFCU has always been there in my big moments, from my first credit card to my most recent auto loan. I feel like UFCU is truly Member-driven, and I would never switch because of that.

David G enjoying downtown Austin.

I started banking with UFCU as a high school student in South Austin about 15 years ago. At the time, I was working for Goodwill and trying to save up for my first car. My manager told me about the free checking and savings account program, so I walked into UFCU on Brodie and Slaughter, had a quick conversation with a representative, and ended up becoming a Member.

After finishing high school, I stayed in Austin and attended The University of Texas™. Around the same time, UFCU opened up a location near campus. A few of my classmates ended up with some of the bigger banks, but I was able to stay with my local credit union. It has paid off big-time for me.

Through my college years, I found myself coming back to UFCU for a line of credit and a small loan to help me make ends meet. Later in life, I was back for a credit card and then again for a low-interest auto loan. I appreciated my experience with UFCU so much that I insisted on continuing to bank with them even after moving to Houston and Dallas for a few years.

Fast forward to today, and I've been a happy Member of UFCU for nearly 15 years. Choosing to bank with a local credit union has been one of the smartest decisions of my life. UFCU has always been there and has given me a really, really great value and awesome service. I really, sincerely appreciate that, and I tell everyone I know about UFCU.”

Member David G
Member Since 2003
Services Checking, Credit Card, Auto Loan