Member Stories

UFCU is the heart and soul of my financial trust.

I first found out about UFCU after I’d had a bad experience with another bank. I asked people where I should take my banking, and everyone recommended UFCU. My grandparents were also members from 1963 until they passed away, and they were always bragging about how good UFCU was to them.

When I came in to open an account, I was instantly greeted before I was even in the door. I loved how I got my debit card the same day I opened the account, and I was glad to know UFCU is up with today’s technology. I even got to meet some of the executives of the company, which was awesome.

Danny OAs a UFCU member, I love how I get my paycheck a day in advance. Refunds are also very fast with UFCU—I've never seen it take longer than 48 hours—and my free checking account has none of those monthly service fees, minimum balance fees and other unnecessary fees. They even sometimes call to authorize charges made to my account to prevent fraud, which I greatly appreciate!

I am so grateful to be a UFCU member. Anytime I go into a branch, I get the sense that they care about me and want to help me, instead of treating me like I’m some sort of pest. And whenever I've called into the customer service phone line, I’ve only ever heard what they "can do" and not what they "can't do". UFCU has my business forever. 

Member Danny O  
Member since 2013
Services Checking, Savings