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University Federal Credit Union takes care of you to the penny

During the past 7 years of dealing with the severe and ongoing consequences of the 2008 financial crash, University Federal Credit Union has been the most effective, dynamic, and relentlessly helpful to my business and me by far.

UFCU helped me get to a transition point financially, because their people work—they work hard and they work relentlessly to get you through it all. Scott H is the most relentless of all.

Dan PAfter the ’08 crash, no one was spending a penny for months, so by December I had to get a loan just to keep anything going. Scott kept me going all the way, keeping me in the credit union without write-offs. There was a point when I thought I would have to sell my car, and by the numbers, Scott had already gone too far, but he pulled me through it. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have this house and would have been out a car—I would have managed, but it wouldn’t have been perfect.

Credit unions take the best care of you, but University Federal Credit Union takes care of you to the penny. They do everything they can to give you the best services, and they really are your friend. For me, it’s only UFCU—there is no number two, three, four, five, or six.

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