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Keeping It Simple

Claudia B appreciates the simplicity of how things work at UFCU.

Claudia and her granddaughter“I’ve used credit unions for a long time, and I like them much better than banks. When I first moved to Austin, I needed a new credit union, so I became a Member of UFCU.

When I applied for an auto loan with UFCU, Matt called to set it up for me. He gave me a credit line so I could go out and find the car I wanted. When I finally did, it took a month for the car to come in, and Matt happily worked within my timeline. He talked to the financial manager at the dealership, and sent me documents to sign online. I didn’t even have to go in! The online program worked very well, and Matt took care of everything. He made the process very simple.

My granddaughter, Lizzie, already has her own account at UFCU. I think it’s so important to teach children financial responsibility, and UFCU is the perfect place to start.”

Member Claudia B
Member Since 2009
Services Checking, Auto Loan
Representative Matt R