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Exploring the Wonders of Central Texas

Christopher and Leslie moved to Austin after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and have been in Austin ever since. Christopher is an environmental scientist specializing in Central Texas cave species. He and his partner Leslie love to explore the outdoors, Central Texas cave preserves, and the Austin music scene. You might even catch Christopher playing live music with his British power pop band, The New Way.

"When we moved out here after Katrina, we kept seeing these signs for cave preserves. So one day, we decided to walk down some of the trails, and we found these interesting gates. The caves themselves were inaccessible to us at that point, but just outside the gates were names and information about what was inside. We were intrigued! So we got online and contacted the local caretaker and the communities and clubs that support the caves. That’s how we initially got involved.

And now we’re totally into it! It’s just a beautiful and fascinating world. We spend as much time as we can exploring these nooks and crannies. You’d be surprised at just how many there are in and around Austin. They’re all over. Add now, all these years after Katrina, we’re still here. We’ve made a life here.

We spend quite a bit of time outdoors. We love playing tennis and caving together, and we do a lot of gardening. That’s during the day. As for our work life, we’ve come across a lot of project work as a result of our caving connections. Recently, we both got certified to be in the presence of certain caves and certain areas that are home to endangered species.

Now we're developing a small, independent contracting business based around that. Some friends and family recommended UFCU to us, so we checked it out, and felt it was a good choice. Now we’re thinking UFCU might be pretty helpful to us when it comes time for taking our business to the next level, things like accounting and payroll. It’s all pretty exciting. The future is looking good. It definitely merits further exploration.”

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