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Doing What Makes Sense for Life

Cassandra P wears many hats. Once a journalist, Cassandra is now a designer, an entrepreneur, a new mom, and a trendsetter in her own right. UFCU has helped Cassandra transition to motherhood and will be there as she takes her business to the next level.

“I became inspired to make jewelry when I was a journalist who typed all day. Most of my jewelry wasn’t practical for my role, and stayed in my jewelry box. I needed something that made sense in my life as a journalist. So I began making my own. First, I made a ring, then some earrings, then a bracelet. And now that's what I do: I make jewelry that makes sense for life.

The creative side of my business is really enjoyable. The entrepreneurial side of things is harder, but I like it. What’s even harder is being a new mom. I thought it would be easier, but that’s not the case. I’m very busy. In fact, I literally have taken my baby girl to every trunk show I’ve had! She makes me want to make more beautiful things, and I want to be able to provide for her. She's a driving force for me and my business.

Originally, I’m from San Antonio and I’ve lived in Dallas, New York, and now Austin. As much as I loved New York, I knew I didn't want to start a family there. Austin is definitely home. 

When we got pregnant, I had a tiny, two-door car. I knew it was not going to work anymore. So I called Joe at UFCU and told him I needed a bigger car, and we had it that day! It has been a godsend and honestly, a lifesaver. What would we do without it? Especially with all of the things that come with a new baby as well as the stuff I have to haul around for work. 

Moving forward, my goals are to grow my business, and that means hiring more people and getting help. UFCU was so helpful with the car loan, I’m hoping to get a small business loan that would allow me to hire someone who can help me grow my business and also allow me more time to enjoy being a new mom.”

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