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Long-Lived Member and Community Service

Cady C joined UFCU when she first arrived in Austin in the late 70s and has been a Member ever since. Her children’s first savings accounts and, much later, first car loans were with UFCU. Cady says she joined for the service and ultimately sticks around because she’s proud of what her financial institution does for the community.

“When I became the treasurer for District 5 of the Texas Nurses Association, which includes Austin and 10 surrounding counties, I recommended to the Board that we move our bank account to UFCU. The staff was so helpful that now many of my colleagues also bank with UFCU. UFCU has been an avid supporter of our organization and done an annual nursing scholarship for a nursing student during Nurses Week. Over 100 nurses have become Members since we started working with UFCU.

Cady CWhen my mom passed away 13 years ago and I was the executor for my mom and dad's trust, the people at UFCU worked with me step by step and helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do. They helped me so much with something that was so challenging. I've never had a bad experience there.

I can’t think of too many people I’ve done business with as long as UFCU. Working with UFCU is so different from dealing with the cable company, the phone company, all those providers who are supposed to be all about customer service. I haven’t dealt with a bank for more than 30 years because I don't have another bank account. I do everything with UFCU, and I’m proud of what my financial institution does for its Members and the community.”

Member Cady C
Member Since 1979
Services Plus Checking, Money Market, Mortgage Services
Representative Maria S