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Removing Barriers to Education

Getting to classes affordably is a first step on the road to earning a degree. Just ask Benny G, who had a costly auto loan through another institution. After working with his UFCU representative to improve his credit score, Benny was able to refinance his car through UFCU. As a result, he cut his loan payment by over $100 per month and reduced his loan term by two years! With reliable transportation, Benny has found more opportunities at school and work. With more money in his pocket, Benny is able to save, plan, and take control of his future.

“UFCU opened the door to more opportunities by helping me with transportation, which has helped me with school and work.

Benny G works on his laptop.Because of my lack of experience, I originally financed my car at a pretty high rate. I knew it was too high, but it was an emergency situation because I really needed a car to get to work and school. I went to UFCU, and my representative was awesome! Refinancing my car brought my interest rate down.

They’ve helped me understand my credit rating. They told me my credit score was just two or three points from reaching the next status and explained that I might be able to get an even better rate with a higher credit score. I learned that refinancing at the new lower rate would save me a lot of money! They suggested I come back in a couple of months and hopefully I would be at the next level. That’s when it lowered again.

It was great for me. I will be able to use the money I’ve saved for other things. For example, I was able to accept an unpaid internship as part of my education. Having lower payments obviously helps with that. My representative also found me a cash-back card with a much lower rate than my previous one, and it will help me build my credit even more.

At UFCU, I don’t feel like I’m at a bank, but more like a friend is helping me get something done. So, I like to go in to UFCU for all my financial stuff now. I’ve moved all my banking to UFCU. It’s super convenient! I use the mobile app a few times a day, check my accounts, and make transfers for my car payments. I just like everything about UFCU.

I had always heard that credit unions were much better than traditional banks. Knowing that, plus talking to people that had good experiences with UFCU convinced me. It all came together pretty well. This is by far the best banking experience I've ever had.”

Benny’s story shows that for students who work, affordable loans and credit can be critical tools for earning a degree. We provide these resources as part of our mission to improve the financial situation for everyone. Education can lead to higher incomes and more financial security. Supporting that cycle is just one of the ways UFCU gives back to our community.

Name Benny G
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