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Member Stories

UFCU put home ownership within our reach.

When we came to Galveston from Poland 12 years ago, a friend took us to UFCU to open a bank account. Since then, we’ve gotten our first auto loan at UFCU, and we recently made our first home purchase with a UFCU mortgage loan.

Bartosz & Kamila SWe’d been renting for many years when we decided to consider purchasing a home. We emailed Rohan, and he helped us look at different price points and different payment options and told us about a first-time home buyer seminar that UFCU had organized. That seminar educated us, and Rohan’s advice helped us realize we really could afford to purchase a home.

We went to see several houses, but when we saw our house, it was the right price at the right time, and that was it. Kamila contacted the real estate agent, and from the moment we made the offer, it took UFCU only two weeks to finalize the loan. Rohan and Ninfa were so quick and easy to work with, and even our agent said that this transaction was the easiest, fastest, and smoothest he’d ever done.

We didn’t know anything about buying a home, but UFCU helped us make it happen. When we compare our experiences at UFCU with our friends’ experiences at other banks, we realize how fortunate we are.

Member Bartosz and Kamila S
Members since 2002
Services Checking, Savings, Mortgage Loan, Auto Loan
Representatives Ninfa C and Rohan K