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Making Everyday Finances Affordable

Annabel M decided to open an account at UFCU because she had heard great things from her friends. When she finally visited a branch, she confesses to being impressed by the staff’s attention to detail, the helpful advice, the friendly attitudes — and the free coffee.

"On my first visit to UFCU, I opened new checking and savings accounts (with no monthly maintenance fees) and a new credit card account. I learned how to use my credit card wisely to improve my credit score. And I was quickly assisted with refinancing my car loan and removing my co-signer from the lease. My representatives explained every step patiently and in full detail, and I was able to get a lower interest rate on my loan within a couple of weeks. My best friend even decided to open new checking and savings accounts, and she applied for her first credit card, with no fee.

Annabel MI loved how easy the entire process was, how helpful the staff was, and the benefits I received by switching to UFCU. I recently let go of a full-time job to go back to school full-time, and if it weren’t for UFCU, I would not have been able to keep a simple checking and savings account. My previous bank was going to charge me $12 a month just to keep my account open, but UFCU provides free checking and savings accounts — the only requirement is a $5 minimum savings balance at all times.

About three weeks after our initial visit, my best friend and I had our younger siblings open their first checking and savings accounts with UFCU Teen Checking. My little brother recently started working, and he is depositing his biweekly income into his checking account with direct deposit.

I can’t stress enough how wonderful my representatives have been. They’ve been very helpful, and UFCU has totally lived up to my expectations."

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