Member Stories

For me, UFCU is about excellence. They’re easy and accessible.

I was in the market for a vehicle when a couple of my coworkers recommended UFCU. So I actually went to the UFCU San Marcos location that very afternoon and met my Rep, Moses. Moses helped me set up an account and apply for a loan. Plus he helped me learn about credit scores. He explained my debt to me, how payments and interest work, and how they affect my credit score. He even helped me realize I still had some credit card accounts open that I thought I had closed. He helped me tremendously.

Adrian VThe thing I really needed was a truck and UFCU helped me with a $14,000 loan. That loan has opened many doors for me. Finally having a reliable truck gets me where I need to go: to school, to work, to new construction jobs that require traveling with big loads, and now I’m able to go to different job sites and do mechanic work on the side. I can do so much more. I’m more relaxed and even more involved in school and work now.

Plus I've got the mobile app on my phone and it’s really easy to use. I can transfer money and see what my balances are. I can also make my truck payments. It even tells me how much I owe on my truck and my credit cards. I really like that. Moses helped me set up an automatic payment plan. So I'm always on time, which is great for my credit score.

For me, UFCU is about excellence. They’re easy and accessible. I was so happy with UFCU that I recommended them to my mom. She saw how easy it was for me to take care of things and even get a loan that now she has opened an account for my little brother. UFCU is super easy to work with and they have great hours. It’s been a great experience.

Name Adrian V
Member Since 2016
Services Checking, Auto Loan, Credit Card
Representative Moses C