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UFCU makes my financial life easy.

I went to refinance my car loan at the end of a long week. Despite it being late on a Friday afternoon, Janice took care of me. She patiently went over every detail of the loan, told me what I needed to get, and worked on my loan for three hours, right up to closing time. People like Janice are a big reason I bank with UFCU.

Daniel GAnother reason is how easy UFCU makes banking. Every two weeks I check my auto loan on the UFCU app on my phone and get to see the amount decrease! And at their Westlake location, I can deposit and withdraw using the in-house ATMs. There are no lines to wait in, and unlike most ATMs, I can withdraw my money in any amount: singles, fives, and tens.

Member Daniel G
Member since 2012
Services Checking, Savings, Auto Loan
Representative Janice E & Maria S