Flipping the Script on Dessert

Even as a young student at Concordia University, first-generation Nigerian-American JP U knew the value of a trusted banking partner. From his first interactions at UFCU’s Concordia campus location, through multiple car loans and the launch of his business, JP has worked hard to build his business. His commitment to self-employment will translate to more earning power.

"I was working as a cook when the idea of creating gourmet pancakes came about through a chance encounter with a half-eaten box of pancake mix. I started trying different ideas for pancakes, and became sort of a “pancake-ologist.” After three or four years of serving pancakes for free, friends made me realize that I could actually turn an appetizing hobby into a business.

JP’s Pancake Company is a gourmet dessert shop based in Austin, Texas. Their flagship store is on Rio Grande, and they also have a location in Oak hill. My goal is to expand to a food truck franchise with dozens of food trucks, along with an event business and our own line of pancake mix.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to find your niche. Find what you're good at, and focus on that. People want to do business with companies that do that. That’s what I like about UFCU. They put a lot of effort into service, and they are great at it. I like that I can walk into multiple UFCU locations, and they know me by name. They have been a very important part of my journey, from establishing and developing credit, to growing my business.”

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Published: January 26, 2022