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Treating Members Like Family

On week days, UFCU Mortgage Loan Officer Scott W may be found driving across Central Texas to meet with a Member or handing the house keys to a new homeowner at their loan closing. But on his days off, he is all about family. Scott and his wife fill their weekends with family-focused fun. When they relocated to Austin from Connecticut, the already seasoned mortgage lender knew where he wanted to work — UFCU. He turned down other offers, instead holding out for the right opportunity with the credit union. His passion for serving others, creating community, and embracing teamwork are evident in this self-described family man and one of UFCU’s award-winning mortgage experts.

“My experiences since I started in the mortgage industry taught me the importance of being part of an organization that values service, community, and teamwork. Those lessons are what brought me to UFCU in 2016 as a mortgage loan officer, and I am grateful to be part of a team dedicated to the financial well-being of our Members. We don’t just treat a mortgage like a transactional process; we know it is the biggest investment of someone's life. I try to put myself in the member’s shoes, make it low stress, and make sure they feel educated and important.

“A few years ago I was able to help a retired Member buy a home after she had some medical issues that led to credit issues. Not long after we closed on her dream home in Houston, Hurricane Harvey hit. I called her for days afterwards to check on her. I finally reached her and learned that her home and car had been flooded and she evacuated, but fortunately she was covered by UFCU insurance. We all came together to help her get through that. That really showed me what UFCU is all about.”

Employee Scott W
Employee Since 2016
Title Mortgage Loan Officer