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Looking Out for the Details

For part-time birdwatching enthusiast Nancy M, spotting a rare species is a thrill. It turns out, as an Austin native, Nancy herself is a rare species in this rapidly growing city. It’s the unique details about Austin that keep her here. She enjoys walking with her two rescue dogs at Walnut Creek and discovering hidden gems like Northwest District Park for birding.

As a coordinator, Nancy turns her eye for detail to helping UFCU Members seamlessly navigate the construction loan process. Through her work at UFCU, she’s been able to help hundreds of Members build or remodel their homes.

“Having a house built is not an easy thing; it can be pretty stressful. So it's nice to be able to work with our builders and Members to make sure everything runs smoothly and they understand the process. It is important that Members know we are looking out for them. For instance, we advocate for our Members to be sure that every builder follows through to completion. When construction is completed, I want the transition to a permanent mortgage loan to be easy. My goal is to make the process as smooth as possible. I am detail-oriented and pay attention to the little things. I treat Members the way I want to be treated.

A while back, we had a situation where a Member’s builder went out of business mid-way through the home’s construction. We stepped in to help. When he had questions, we tried to answer them or find someone who could. He was able to complete his home, and we were able to disburse all the money and roll over his construction loan to a permanent loan. He was probably one of a very few of that builder’s customers that achieved that.

UFCU values employees who are Member- and detail-oriented, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate that they care about the community and about me as an employee. It’s really nice that they give us 32 hours a year to volunteer in our communities, and that they support me when I have needed to take care of family or personal issues. That is the best part of working here. UFCU really cares about me.”

Employee Nancy M
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Title Mortgage Comp Servicing Coordinator