Employee Stories


An Adventure in Member Service

As the mother of five-year-old twins and a University of Texas at Tyler grad student, Megan T is no stranger to juggling. It is a skill that serves her well as project manager of UFCU retail operations, where she focuses on helping ensure the retail team is providing the best Member service and education possible.

“My job is helping the retail staff to manage all their projects to support Members, and to look for ways to support knowledge and skills gaps to make sure we are serving our Members as best we can. One of the ways I do that is in leading training classes on how to work with and communicate effectively with Members. What I love about working for UFCU is that I get to spend a lot of time in our branches, working with our Members and hearing what is important to them. I am able to represent the voice of Members internally. For example, credit education is something that our Members and employees — who also are Members — both want to understand better. So we focus a lot of education and resources around that.

“When I go to my favorite taco place in South Austin and see someone using their UFCU card, I am not hesitant to talk to them about UFCU! It’s an easy conversation because they are proud to carry those cards in their wallets. And I am proud to be part of the UFCU team. Our employees are really driven to help Members in meaningful ways, not just with the usual banking needs. We have a great team that looks for ways to take UFCU to the next level in anticipating Member needs and solving their problems.

“I am completing graduate work in human resource development through online evening courses. So much of what I am learning is applicable to what I do every day in seeking ways to be more strategic and using new tools to improve our organization.

“My favorite thing about UFCU: the people. I love working with the people here. I love Mondays because it’s a new start to my work week. I love that our leadership team and executives really care about the development growth and the long-term tenure of our staff. And they give people opportunities to grow. It is an adventure through which I have grown personally and professionally.”

Employee Megan T
Employee Since 2016
Title Project Manager, Retail Operations