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Countless students have found their path to financial health with UFCU’s “gotcha-free” accounts, our great mobile app, low-interest cards—and clear answers to your money questions. As your banking needs grow during school and beyond, we’d like to be by your side. There’s no time like now to start. Make a change for the better.

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Join UFCU for easy ways to take charge of your change. Come visit the UFCU branch and in three easy steps all your cha-ching will be right at your fingertips:

  1. Get your contactless instant-issue Visa debit card.
  2. Add your UFCU account to your digital wallet.
  3. Pick a time to visit with a UFCU representative for a free, one-hour consultation on budgeting, credit counseling, or any other financial health needs.

Make a Change for the better. Visit your nearest UFCU location to learn more.

Stress-Free Service

Open a Free Checking account at UFCU, and become a Member, not just an account number. Our Members are part of a community of people looking to strengthen each other’s financial well-being. Plus, Members get a lifetime of access to exceptional Member support, unique products, convenient services, and much more:

  • Mobile app you can use to make deposits, pay bills, and block your cards
  • Contactless, Instant-issue replacement VISA® Debit cards
  • No monthly fees or minimum balance requirements
  • Resources and loan products to help you build a solid credit history
  • Unmatched service from one of our 20+ Central Texas branch locations.
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Tools You Can Use

Free Checking

Open a Free Checking account, and bank easy with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. Even after graduation, the account is free. Students also have access to free instant-issue Visa Debit cards at any of our locations.

Easy Transfers

Students can easily transfer funds from any account or financial institution 24/7. Quickly deposit a check using the UFCU Mobile app. Set up the app to show your up-to-the-minute balance without having to log in.

Convenient Locations

Need a notary or other personal assistance? Drop into a convenient campus location. Just need quick cash? Visit a campus-area ATM or drive-thru location.

Banking, the UFCU Way

What’s a Credit Union?

Unlike a bank, Members—not corporate stakeholders—own UFCU. That means our Members benefit from services focused on their financial success today and in the future. Best of all, the money we earn from banking activities goes right back into our community.

Personal Service

Our person-to-person relationship with each Member means students and parents have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal financial services tailored to meet your needs. Financial consultations are by appointment and free of charge.

Financial Education

Our PlanU program helps our Members learn to navigate day-to-day finances and manage their money through financial workshops and a wealth of online resources. Our programs are always free of charge, and most are online to fit into your busy schedule.

Resources for Students (and Parents, Too)

UFCU Members have access to a rich collection of easy-to-understand financial resources to help you save, borrow, and plan for your money goals.

Watch for financial seminars and education offered throughout the year.