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Personal Finance Managers

UFCU Online Banking gives you the ability to download transactions from your UFCU account into many personal finance money managers. UFCU usually supports the current and previous two versions of these solutions. If your personal finance manager is older than two versions back, we recommend you upgrade to a newer version.

To get started, make sure you are able to log in to Online Banking, then view an account's history by clicking on its name.

Screen grab of the Account History screen

You can find the option to download your transactions above the search button.

Account Download Options

Select the appropriate format and proceed to download.

Note: This feature is not available for Mortgage accounts.


We strive to support as many third-party applications as we can and continually work with our application providers to support the features you’ve come to depend on in UFCU Online Banking. Be aware that there can be a slight delay in support for third-party applications after a major upgrade or the release of new features. Please know we are working to align all upgrades to support all Online Banking tools and features as quickly as possible.

Your product vendor will be able to help you troubleshoot most problems you experience using their product. UFCU recommends applying all updates to your product. Often these updates provide security and usability improvements that may fix the problem you're experiencing.

If you still experience issues getting your accounts to sync with Quicken or Quickbooks, follow the steps provided in these instructions:

If you continue to have difficulties after completing these steps, please contact your personal finance manager for further troubleshooting:

Finally, please keep in mind that these third-party applications are often sold with limitations on how long their online features will remain enabled. The usual lifespan is two to three years.