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Note: Looking for FAQs about the new digital banking experience? Our new Mobile Banking app is currently in limited release. If you’re participating in the limited release, read these FAQs. If not, please read on.

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Mobile Devices

Enrollment and Login

  • + What if I forget my login ID or password?"

    On the Mobile Banking login page, tap Forgot Password or Forgot Login ID. In both cases, we send recovery information to the Primary Member’s email on file with UFCU.

  • + What is a temporary password?

    We email you a temporary password if you are enrolling for the first time or use the Forgot Password link in Mobile Banking. The temporary password is sent to the contact information on file for the Primary Member. After you log in with the temporary password, you are guided through the process of creating a new password to replace the old one. The app guides you through a few more steps if you use Face ID, Touch ID, or Fingerprint ID.

  • + For how long is a temporary password valid?

    You must use the temporary password within four hours after we send it. After that, it expires, and you must request a new one from us. A temporary password works only once.

  • + What if I don't receive my temporary password?

    Contact Member Services for assistance.

  • + Does UFCU Mobile Banking support biometric login?

    Yes, you can set up Mobile Banking to use Touch ID® and Face ID® on most Apple devices and Android Fingerprint ID on Android devices.

  • + How do I set up Touch ID, Face ID, or Fingerprint ID?

    First, enable Touch ID, Face ID, or Fingerprint ID on your device. The first time you log in, UFCU Mobile Banking asks if you would like to enable the service. If you are already using the app, you can tap the Menu icon, then select Settings then User Settings to enable the feature that you want. For Face ID, you must allow the app to access your device’s camera.

  • + Can I log in to multiple accounts using Touch ID, Face ID, or Fingerprint ID?

    You can set up biometric login access for only one account at a time. We recommend setting this up for the account that you will access most often. You can switch biometrics to a different account by setting the current biometric-enabled account back to the standard login.

Mobile Deposit

  • + What is Mobile Deposit?

    UFCU Mobile Deposit is a quick and secure way to deposit checks into your account. With UFCU Mobile Banking, you can take a photo of your check, enter the check information, and submit your deposit for processing.

  • + How do I get Mobile Deposit?

    After you log in to UFCU Mobile Banking, tap Mobile Deposit. Review and accept the terms and conditions, then follow the prompts to deposit your check.

  • + Is there a fee to deposit a check with Mobile Banking?

    There is currently no charge associated with this service.

  • + Can I use Mobile Deposit with any mobile device?

    Mobile Deposit only works with an Android mobile device or an iPhone. Older iPhones and devices without a camera are not supported. Your device’s camera must have auto focus and not fixed focus.

  • + How do I endorse a check for Mobile Deposit?

    Before taking the photo, sign the back of your check and write the phrase, “For Mobile Deposit Only”.

  • + How do I submit my check?

    Place the check face-up on a flat, evenly lit, solid color surface. Tap Front to display the frame. Mobile Deposit automatically focuses and takes a photo of your check after it is properly aligned. Turn the check over and tap Back to display the frame. Align the check and wait for the app to take the photo. Type the dollars-and-cents amount that is on the check face (Mobile Deposit inserts the decimal). Submit and confirm your deposit.

  • + What if the app doesn’t take a photo of my check?

    If Mobile Deposit is taking an unusually long time to capture your check, verify that check is on a dark surface in bright light. Adjust your device’s distance from the check to fill the camera frame. If it still doesn’t take the photo, tap the button on the frame screen to manually take the photo. Verify that the images are clear before submitting the check.

  • + How can I find my Mobile Deposit limits?

    Your current deposit limits are displayed in the app when you start a mobile deposit.

  • + Are my checks deposited immediately?

    Successfully submitting your check triggers the deposit process, which varies in length. In some cases we may need to hold your check for review prior to depositing it in your account. All Mobile Deposits are subject to our Funds Availability policy. View your deposit history to see your deposit status.

  • + How do I view my deposit history?

    After logging in to Mobile Banking, select Mobile Deposit. The app displays two options: Deposit and History. Tap History.

  • + Will there be a hold placed on my check?

    Funds deposited through UFCU Mobile Deposit are processed like all other deposits, so they are subject to our Funds Availability Policy.

  • + What should I do with a physical check after I deposit it?

    After successfully submitting a deposit with Mobile Deposit, keep the check in a safe place for at least ten days. After that, destroy it.

CardKeeper and Travel Notes

  • + What is CardKeeper?

    CardKeeper® helps to protect your UFCU debit, credit, and Ability® cards from fraud. With this feature, you can temporarily block card activity then unblock it when you need to use the card. The CardKeeper feature also allows you to add travel notices so that your cards remain available to you during trips.

  • + Do I need to enroll in CardKeeper?

    Any Mobile Banking user with an active UFCU debit, credit, or Ability card can use CardKeeper.

  • + How do I block and unblock my card?

    To block your card, log into Mobile Banking and tap CardKeeper. Locate the correct card by tapping arrows to scroll through the list, if you have multiple cards. Tap Temporarily Block Card, then tap Submit. To unblock your card, repeat these steps, except tap Temporarily Unblock Card. Remember to block your card again after use for continued protection.

  • + Can I use CardKeeper if my UFCU card is lost or stolen?

    Yes! We encourage anyone whose card is lost or stolen to block the card immediately to reduce the chance of a fraudulent transaction.

    IMPORTANT: CardKeeper is not a replacement for reporting the loss or theft of a card. Call us at (512) 467-8080 or (800) 252-8311 to file the report. To order a new card, contact us during business hours.

  • + What if I need to perform a transaction but forgot to unlock my card or cannot access Mobile Banking?

    If your card is blocked, the transaction will be declined. The best approach is to use your mobile device to unblock the card, if you can. Otherwise, a Member Services Representative can unblock it if you contact us during business hours. After your card is unblocked, you can request that the transaction be resubmitted for authorization.

  • + Can I use CardKeeper to activate a card or change my PIN?

    No. At this time, if you’d like to activate a card or change your PIN, call us at (512) 467-8080 in Austin, (409) 797-3300 in Galveston, or US toll-free at (800) 252-8311.

  • + How do I set up travel notices?

    Log in to Mobile Banking, then tap CardKeeper. Select to set a travel notice for a Debit, Ability, or Credit card type. Tap Travel Notice. Select out-of-state or international travel, then select the card to which the notice applies. Enter the start and end dates of your travel. Add your destination. Tap Submit.

  • + Can I add multiple destinations to a travel notice?

    Yes, you can add multiple travel destinations by selecting +Add Destination. You must add each destination separately, along with dates for each.

  • + How long before a travel notice on my card goes into effect?

    Travel notices are usually processed on the following business day, so please try to submit them in advance.