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  • + What is an interactive financial center?

    At a UFCU interactive financial center we have eliminated the physical barriers that separate members from UFCU representatives enabling you to have a more personal experience.

    You choose the style of service you need:

    • Quickly access your cash or make a deposit through our financial kiosks;
    • Apply for a loan at our online center;
    • Have a UFCU representative guide you through life events such as purchasing a vehicle, buying your first home, retirement, and meeting all of your financial needs.

    Interactive Financial Center Operating Hours
    Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM
    Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM

    24/7 ATMs

  • + What transactions can I perform at a UFCU interactive financial center?

    Traditional withdrawal and deposit forms are a thing of the past; all you need is your Debit/ATM card. At UFCU interactive financial centers these products and services are available:

    • Become a UFCU member
    • Savings and checking accounts
    • Auto, mortgage and personal loans
    • Credit cards
    • Insurance
    • Investment and Trust Services

    Since the UFCU Debit/ATM card is the key to performing your transaction, only UFCU members may utilize UFCU interactive financial centers. If you are not currently a UFCU member, please visit the National Shared Branch Network to locate the nearest participating UFCU location.

  • + What can you do via a UFCU financial kiosk?

    Quickly and efficiently perform financial transactions in an advanced manner.

    • In one transaction, deposit
      • Up to 50 bills in any denomination
      • Up to 30 checks payable to the account holder
    • Withdraw funds
    • Transfer funds within your UFCU account
    • Get a credit card cash advance (Four-digit credit card PIN is required)
    • Print deposited check images on your receipt