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About the Card

  • + What is the UFCU ABILITY Card?

    The UFCU ABILITY Card is a reloadable debit card that can be used anywhere VISA® cards are accepted. It is a member-friendly alternative to credit cards and traditional banking.

    With the UFCU ABILITY Card you can only spend what you deposit into your account, therefore there are no costly overdraft or interest fees. This card is easy-to-use with convenient reloadable capabilities 24/7, eliminating the concern of going into debt or overdrawing your account.

  • + How does the UFCU ABILITY Card work?
    • Load your card —
    • Use your card — Shop online or in stores, or withdraw money at any ATM or branch.
    • Reload your card — Continue to add money to your card so you have funds to spend. Plus, you can set up online or mobile account access at to receive Account Alerts, view your balance and recent activity, and transfer money to your UFCU ABILITY Card from an eligible UFCU accounts.
  • + What are the benefits of owning a UFCU ABILITY Card?
  • + Is the UFCU ABILITY Card a credit card?

    No, the UFCU ABILITY Card is a reloadable debit card that you can load with money at any time. Unlike credit cards, you can perform PIN based and cash back transactions at merchants and the funds are withdrawn from the card immediately. This allows you to easily determine how much money you have to spend.

  • + How is the UFCU ABILITY Card different from a gift card?

    The UFCU ABILITY Card is reloadable and personalized with your name. You can continually add money to your card with cash or checks, or through direct deposit. There is no need to open a different card. And unlike many gift cards, you can make ATM withdrawals.

    We do not recommend giving the UFCU ABILITY Card as a gift card.


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Managing your UFCU ABILITY Card

  • + How can I manage my UFCU ABILITY Card online using

    When you enroll in UFCU Online Banking, you can have the convenience of 24-hour banking from your home or office, allowing you to:

    • View and download account information and transactions.
    • Tag expenses, see your cash flow, and create spending budgets.
    • Pay your bills for free.
    • Transfer money between your accounts, to other members, and to other financial institutions.
    • View your statements, tax forms and check images.
    • And more!
  • + How can I check my UFCU ABILITY Card balance and activity?

    There are several convenient ways to check your UFCU ABILITY Card balance:

    • UFCU Mobile Banking — Please note the Mobile Banking Account Summary screen will display your ABILITY Card Current Balance. To view your Current Balance and Available Balance you will need to click through to Account Details screen.
    • UFCU Online Banking with Account Alerts at
    • Call us at (512) 467-8080 — Austin, (409) 797-3300 — Galveston, (800) 252-8311 — US Toll—free
    • Visit any UFCU ATM or your nearest branch
  • + Can my UFCU ABILITY Card have a negative balance?

    A negative balance may occur if the final purchase amount the merchant submits to us is greater than the amount we originally authorized, or the merchant processes a transaction without prior authorization. Your Monthly Service Fee may also deduct from your balance even when your available balance is less than the Monthly Service Fee. You should immediately add more money to you UFCU ABILITY Card to bring your balance above zero. There are no overdraft fees for the UFCU ABILITY Card.

  • + Can I deposit funds into my UFCU ABILITY Card account through UFCU Mobile Deposit?

    Yes, with a capable mobile device. Check deposits using UFCU Mobile Deposit are subject to the Funds Availability Policy.

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