What’s Improving for You

As a direct result of Member feedback, we have been working to refine and enhance our credit card rewards programs and technology services so that we can serve you better. Soon, we will release updates that include the following exciting enhancements:

  • More On-the-Go Options — Your Mobile Banking app will show your UFCU credit card transaction history, and allow you to protect your card using CardKeeper™.
  • Real-Time Banking — Your Online Banking and Mobile Banking applications will allow you to check your balance and post payments toward your credit card balance immediately.
  • More Rewards — We’ll be offering more rewards. Cash Back cardholders can receive up to 1.5% and Travel & Rewards cardholders can receive up to 2 points for every dollar spent. We’re also proud to introduce a new program that makes it easier to redeem your rewards.
  • Enhanced Member Services — Our Member Services representatives will be able to assist you more quickly when you have questions about a credit card transaction.

What’s Changing After the Update

  • How You Access Your Credit Card Account — After the update, you can access your credit card account via UFCU Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or Phone Banking. At that time, you will be unable to access your credit card account via eZCard.
  • How You Pay Your Bill — After the update, you will need to reestablish the payment method for how you pay your credit card bill. For more details, see the How Can I Pay My New Bill? section.

For more details, see the Your Updated Account section.

What’s Not Changing

  • We’re dedicated to service. You can continue to call or stop by any location for help with your account.
  • We’re committed to your security. You still get 100% liability protection on any fraudulent activity, so you can enjoy total peace of mind.

For more details about what you can expect, read our complete list of Frequently Asked Questions.