Be a Smarter Investor

When it comes to investing money, it's wise to determine where you are before you decide where to go. Our CFS* Financial advisors are here to help you get started by assessing your current financial situation and identifying your financial goals.

Let our experienced financial professionals guide help you in creating a smart investment plan tailored to your needs, with investment products and services through our broker-dealer, CUSO Financial Services (CFS).

For specific tax advice, please consult a qualified tax professional


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Connect with eVISION®

eVISION^ is a self-directed online brokerage service through CFS.

Gain access to a range of investment products, with commissions as low as $14.95, and high-powered research tools (quotes, charts and analyses) for better managing your investment portfolio.

^ eVISION® is a registered trademark of CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (member FINRA/SIPC). Extreme market volatility and trade volume may affect system access and execution.


Secure Your Financial Future

Are you thinking of opening a UT System supplemental retirement savings plan? Does your current retirement vendor offer you a variety of investment options for the retirement you'd like? We can help you look at the options to find what fits your future.

Through CUSO Financial Services (CFS) and ING Financial Advisers, LLC, University Federal Credit Union can help you establish a UT System retirement account. Set up a free, no-obligation consultation at your UFCU financial center, and we’ll help you sort through the complexities to make an informed decision.


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Start Here, Invest Anywhere

UFCU Investment Services, available through our broker/dealer CUSO Financial Services, L.P.,* is pleased to announce Brokered CDs.

Enjoy increased options and greater convenience with access to CDs from a variety of institutions, each with up to $250,000 of FDIC Insurance. Regardless of where you invest, UFCU allows you to monitor all your brokered CDs online in one place, including efficient, comprehensive reporting with just one 1099.

$25,000 minimum to open

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(800) 252-8311, ext. 21081
(512) 467-8080, ext. 21081

Market Rates

Available CDs are posted each Tuesday, are subject to prior sale and are based on inventory availability.

Effective 5/5/2015

Issue Term CUSIP Coupon Maturity Cpn Freq Price YTM
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 10 Years 38148JTG6 3 5/13/2025 Semi-Ann 100 3
Discover Bank 10 Years 254672NJ3 2.85 5/13/2025 Semi-Ann 100 2.85
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 9 Years 38148JTQ4 2.8 5/13/2024 Semi-Ann 100 2.8
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 8 Years 38148JTK7 2.65 5/15/2023 Semi-Ann 100 2.65
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 7 Years 38148JTD3 2.45 5/13/2022 Semi-Ann 100 2.45
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 6 Years 38148JTP6 2.25 5/13/2021 Semi-Ann 100 2.25
Discover Bank 7 Years 254672NL8 2.25 5/13/2022 Semi-Ann 100 2.25
Discover Bank 5 Years 254672NN4 2 5/13/2020 Semi-Ann 100 2
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 5 Years 38148JTJ0 1.95 5/13/2020 Semi-Ann 100 1.95
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 4 Years 38148JTF8 1.65 5/13/2019 Semi-Ann 100 1.65
Discover Bank 4 Years 254672NG9 1.6 5/13/2019 Semi-Ann 100 1.6
Discover Bank 3 Years 254672NH7 1.3 5/14/2018 Semi-Ann 100 1.3
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 3 Years 38148JTM3 1.25 5/14/2018 Semi-Ann 100 1.25
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 2.5 Years 38148JTN1 1.05 11/13/2017 Semi-Ann 100 1.05
Discover Bank 2 Years 254672NM6 0.95 5/15/2017 Semi-Ann 100 0.95
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 2 Years 38148JTH4 0.85 5/15/2017 Semi-Ann 100 0.85
Goldman Sachs Bank USA 18 Months 38148JTL5 0.6 11/14/2016 Semi-Ann 100 0.6
Discover Bank 18 Months 254672NK0 0.55 11/14/2016 Semi-Ann 100 0.55

* Non-deposit investment products and services are offered through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. ("CFS"), a registered broker-dealer (Member FINRA/SIPC) and SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Products offered through CFS: are not NCUA/NCUSIF or otherwise federally insured, are not guarantees or obligations of the credit union, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of principal. Investment Representatives are registered through CFS. UFCU has contracted with CFS to make non-deposit investment products and services available to credit union members.