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Medical Discovery News

Science permeates the everyday life of all people in our society. Yet, the understanding of advances in biomedical science is limited at best. Few make the connection that biomedical science is medicine and that biomedical scientists are working today for the future of medicine. Medical Discovery News is dedicated to explaining the exciting discoveries in biomedical research and their promise for the future of medicine. The radio program and website include issues that may affect your personal health and well being.

The website features each weekly radio episode on the homepage. The script and the audio files in various formats are provided along with additional information. The site invites you to submit questions to the authors as well.

Why this link to Medical Discovery News?

UTMB and UFCU mutually benefit from a special relationship that spans three decades. In fact, UFCU's Galveston branch was once a credit union organized to serve UTMB faculty and staff exclusively. Founded as the state's first medical school, the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has been here for the health of Texas for more than a century with programs of excellence in health science education, patient care, and research. UFCU is proud to share our special relationship with UTMB with all our members by means of this link to Medical Discovery News.

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