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Austin: (512) 467-8080
Galveston: (409) 797-3300
Toll-free in US: (800) 252-8311

Phone banking is a free, automated phone service that gives you access to your UFCU account from anywhere, any time. Most transactions that you can perform at a financial center can also be handled by phone, using your UFCU account number and authorization code. This service is available in English and Spanish.

How To Access Telephone Banking

Call one of the numbers listed above and choose option 3. Use your phone's number pad or your voice to navigate through the phone banking service. At all times, recorded instructions will guide you through the process of accessing your account.

Your phone banking authorization code was set up for you when you first opened your account. If you cannot find or have forgotten your authorization code, please contact Member Services. After confirming your identity, a representative will be able to issue you a new code.

Tips for using phone banking

Telephone transfers are subject to federal Regulation D limitations.

Phone Banking Reference Sheet
Touch Tone Voice
Press * to repeat what was said Say "repeat"
Press * for the decimal point Say "and" for the decimal point
Press # to go to the previous menu Say "back" to go to the previous menu
To skip introduction: Press 1 then 1 again To skip the introduction: Say "repeat" then when the system asks what you would like to do say "current accounts"

Additional tips for navigating by touch tone

  • When you hear the suffix you want to work with do not press that suffix number. Press the number the system tells you to press for that account suffix.
  • There is no need to press the # sign after each entry anymore.

Additional tips for navigating by voice

  • Speak each number slowly and clearly. For example, if your account number is 900012345 avoid saying 'nine thousand" one two three four five. Instead say each number, 9-0-0-0-1-2-3-4-5. Another example, if you are transferring $3456.78 you may say this in natural language three-thousand four-hundred fifty-six dollars and seventy-eight cents.
  • Say the number zero "0". Do not say the letter "O" when saying numbers.
  • Avoid long pauses. A long pause before your command will not be recognized by the system.
  • To expedite your time in the system, refrain from excessive noise such as coughing or clearing of the throat. Excess noise will be considered unrecognizable commands by the system and may end your session. If you do inadvertently make excessive noise that the system does not recognize, say "repeat" or press * to have the system repeat the last statement.

Functions that can be performed using phone banking


  • Change phone banking authorization code
  • Inquire on a related account
  • Balances
  • Loan payoff amount
  • Cleared checks
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Stop payment inquiry
  • Debit card and ATM card transactions
  • List of account transactions history
  • Dividends paid


  • Transfers
  • Loan payments
  • Line-of-credit advance
  • Cross-account transfers
  • Stop payment on a personal check

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