Letters from Leadership | June 9, 2020

A Special Message from the President/CEO

Tony Budet

Your well-being, safety, and financial health — and that of our employees and communities — is our top priority.

UFCU continues to be a proudly diverse, Member-owned cooperative. In fact, the foundation of the credit union movement is social justice and people helping people. At this time, we want you to know the lives of our Black Members and the broader Black community matter to us. We stand behind our UFCU statement of diversity and inclusion, which was enthusiastically approved by our Board of Directors and posted to our website years ago.

These times continue to be challenging. With the global pandemic still of concern, circumstances are constantly changing, and we are continually adapting to serve you as best we can. Please know you can count on us. We have a variety of solutions available to support you with meaningful financial relief. Very low interest loans, payment deferrals, refinancing opportunities, and other special assistance programs are available now. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In addition, you can access almost every service we provide digitally. For those who still need in-person assistance, our drive-thru locations can support you with many services we offer, including increased withdrawal limits and new debit cards. For those limited services that require a lobby visit, appointments continue to be available, and our team will be happy to see you in person. For now, masks still are required for in-person visits. Because we always put your health and safety and that of our employees first, there may be times when we will make unexpected changes to service hours at specific locations to reduce risk. You can always get the most up-to-date details about locations and services at UFCU.org/COVID19.

We always have been and forever will remain all about you. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and I am deeply proud of our family of dedicated employees who, on a daily basis, display superhero powers to meet your needs. Stay well, and please reach out to let us know what we can do to help you.

Warmest regards,


Tony C Budet