Community Impact | April 24, 2020

Driving Financial Health

Financial health is often misunderstood. It not only applies to those who struggle, financial health is important for people of all walks of life. Monica Muñoz Andry leads UFCU toward measurably improving people’s lives through our financial health programs.

“Independent of income, debt, or credit score, financial health means achieving goals while handling life’s uncertainties,” said Andry. UFCU’s step-by-step approach focuses on education, action planning, and resources for putting people in control of their future:

1. Raise Awareness — A financial health score and recommendations for action items to save, plan, borrow, and spend wisely lead to a better understanding of where participants fall on the financial health spectrum.

2. Build Resilience — Program participants create goals, develop a plan, and connect to resources, including a personal financial advisor. Every plan is individualized and delivers a solid path to progress. The definition of success is no longer an unknown, which is a real stressor for most people.

3. Create a Safe Space — Sharing personal goals, dreams, and struggles is key to success. Financial topics are often taboo, but most people are surprisingly transparent when it comes to sharing their experience to help others.

The UFCU approach to financial health focuses on empowering individuals to take control of their future

Put these steps together, and you’ve got a comprehensive program to meet the unique needs of anyone who wants to take control of their financial future.

In 2020 and beyond, UFCU Members will be able to choose from free seminars, money meet-ups, one-on-one personal financial sessions, an online education center, a mobile app, and more, all targeted at empowering individuals to improve their financial health their way, at their pace.

“We’ve long held that a community can truly prosper when its Members are financially healthy, and that’s what we’re going for,” Andry said.

Monica Andry
Manager of Financial Health Programs
UFCU Employee Since 2001