Letters from the President | June 09, 2020

A Special Message from the President/CEO

Your well-being, safety, and financial health — and that of our employees and communities — is our top priority. UFCU continues to be a proudly diverse, Member-owned cooperative, and we are continually adapting to serve your most immediate needs.

Letters from the President | January 02, 2020

President’s Report Winter 2020

We believe that planting seeds of knowledge for every Member, elected representative, leader, and employee of our cooperative is vital not only to each individual’s success but also to the success of our communities.

Letters from the President | June 24, 2019

President’s Report Summer 2019

We are committed to improving quality of life for our Members and for everyone who shares the spaces in which we live, work, and play. Learn about our vision of a thriving community of financially healthy individuals.

Letters from the President | December 31, 2018

President’s Report Winter 2019

We closed 2018 with a remarkable number of successes. It was a fantastic year. Learn about our accomplishments and our continued commitment to you in 2019.

Letters from the President | June 22, 2018

President’s Report Summer 2018

Your financial health is our top priority. Learn what we’re doing in the areas of housing affordability, employment opportunities, and education to help you live the life you want to live.

Letters from the President | December 21, 2017

President’s Report Winter 2018

Service is what we’re all about at UFCU. Learn about the service we’ve provided to our Members and to our community at large over this past year.

Letters from the President | June 29, 2017

President’s Report Summer 2017

Do you know what sets credit unions apart from larger, more traditional banking institutions? Learn about the seven principles we conscientiously support.

Letters from the President | December 30, 2016

President’s Report

Last year as we celebrated our 80th birthday, we impacted the lives of thousands of families. Here’s just a snapshot of what we did together in 2016.

Letters from the President | February 05, 2015

Credit Union Members Pay for Merchant Data Breaches

UFCU and other credit unions across the country are working together to improve protections for consumers who are victims of merchant data breaches.

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Letters from the President | January 03, 2011

Thank you

Your active use of UFCU’s products and services in 2010 further strengthened our cooperative’s ability to aggressively price and expand its services in what is an extremely competitive environment.

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