Announcements | May 3, 2023

Beware of Phishing and Vishing Scams

UFCU is aware of a phishing and vishing campaign targeting UFCU Members and the community at large. With these deceitful practices, fraudsters attempt to impersonate UFCU representatives with the objective of tricking Members into revealing personal or financial information. In a phishing campaign, they communicate via email, smishing via text (or SMS) messages, and vishing via voice messages. The messages might indicate that a Member’s account has been frozen or ask them to validate a suspicious transaction. When a Member responds to the fraudulent text message, they may then get a call from a bad actor who claims to be from UFCU Fraud Prevention Services. Be suspicious of any unsolicited texts, calls, or emails – specifically those requesting personal or financial information.

UFCU will never contact you to ask for your online banking credentials. If you receive a text from a number you are not familiar with, do not click any links or respond but instead email the information to [email protected]. If you are concerned that you may have provided personal information to a fraudster, please call us immediately at (512) 467-8080, or visit your nearest UFCU branch during normal business hours.

When is it ok to share your one-time passcode?
Only share your one-time passcode verbally with a UFCU representative whom you have called. A UFCU representative will only ask for your one-time passcode when you call into Member Services at (512) 467-8080 or (800) 252-8311. When you reach a Member Services representative, they will ask your permission to send you a one-time passcode and with your consent, they will generate the passcode and send it to you. Once it arrives, you may share the passcode and the representative will proceed with assisting you.

For your security, please be sure we always have the correct contact information on file for you. To learn all the ways you can update your contact information, please visit UFCU.org/StayUptoDate.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself from these types of bad actors, read Five Tips to Evade Fraudsters.