Announcements | September 19, 2019

Online Banking Upgrade for Anytime Access

The latest Online Banking upgrade is available now. This version of UFCU Online Banking includes enhanced functionality centered around easier, anytime access to your loan payments and account information. Here is what you can expect:

  • Easier Access to Your Routing and Account Numbers — Now it is more simple than than ever to access your routing and account numbers, making it quick and easy to set up Direct Deposit, wire transfers, and automatic or recurring (ACH) payments. We are especially pleased to offer this enhancement in direct response to your feedback. Routing number and account information are the topics most commonly searched for on
    [pending screen grabs]

  • More Ways to Pay — With the credit card upgrade in February 2019, you gained the ability to pay your credit card bills from another financial institution. With this upgrade, you can make payments toward your UFCU loans from other financial institutions as well. This includes the following loan types:
    • [Insert Loan Types Here - pending]
  • Comprehensive Credit Card Details — It’s easier to stay on top of your credit card details because your enhanced credit card dashboard includes the last four digits and the expiration dates for each credit card associated with a particular credit card ID.

    [pending screen grabs]

We hope these enhancements will make your banking experience easier and more convenient than ever, and we’re not done yet! We’ve got more enhancements planned for 2019 to help you manage your everyday banking tasks. We think you’ll be excited for what’s to come.