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More Like Family than Financing

After Norman S financed his car, he decided to take care of all of his banking needs with UFCU.

“I've known about UFCU for a long time, but I didn't become a Member until I needed to finance a vehicle. Not only did they finance my vehicle, they gave me a much better rate than the institution I was banking with at the time. I had been with that institution a long time, but it wasn't a difficult decision for me to close my accounts and come over to UFCU. I’ve never regretted my decision.

Norman S When I first went in to my UFCU location, I was amazed to see that the representative there to help me, Geneva, was the daughter of an old colleague of mine. Her mother and I used to work together in the school district. When she introduced herself, it was a welcome surprise. And she's been helping me take care of my business ever since.

Now, no matter what I need, I call Geneva. She takes care of everything for me. I can’t praise her enough. And it’s not because I have connections to her family. I've witnessed her interact with other Members and she takes good care of them, just as she does me and my family. That lets me know she's genuine.

There has never been a time when I've called UFCU and they didn’t help me. Once I called Geneva to make a special request and she said, ‘You'll get a call before the day is over to let you know what we can do.’ By the time I got to my car in the parking lot, my phone was ringing! They called me within three to five minutes to tell me it was approved. Quick, fast, and in a hurry!

I also rely on UFCU for security. When I went on vacation, I used my credit card only once. But when I returned, the Fraud Protection Department called to let me know someone was trying to charge airline tickets to my card to the tune of $8,000. I'm so glad they didn't allow that purchase to go through. They put a stop on that card and reissued a new card. Anytime there's a discrepancy or a question concerning an unusual purchase, they call me, and I like that. They always say ‘never let your guard down,’ but I can let my guard down a little because I know UFCU has my back.

UFCU is more like a family than a banking institution. Everyone is friendly. Everyone greets you. If there's anything anyone can do for you, they do it. I've recommended UFCU to several co-workers and friends. It’s great when I can recommend UFCU to someone and know they’ll be taken care of. They take good care of me and that's a good feeling.” 

Member Norman S
Member Since 2012
Services Savings, Auto Loan
Representative Geneva C