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Designing the Perfect Financial Fit

Even as a high schooler, Miranda knew the value of hard work — and a good banking partner. With income from her first job at a locally owned neighborhood grocery store, the 15-year-old turned to UFCU for her first checking account. Though both parents went to The University of Texas at Austin, Miranda headed to New York City for college and the launch of her career in fashion.

“From a young age, I was really obsessed with what I was wearing. I even named my clothes! My grandmother was a home economics teacher and taught me how to sew. I started making my own clothes in high school.

While in New York, I always really missed Austin, and I wanted to translate the work I was doing in New York back here. I always saw it as a thriving creative scene for music, but I didn’t recognize Austin as a haven for other creativity until later on. And with the growth of e-commerce and social media, being in New York or LA wasn’t the imperative that it used to be.

Miranda BIn 2013, I returned and soon started Miranda Bennett Studio (MBS) using a UFCU Small Business Administration loan when we opened our store. MBS is an apparel and lifestyle brand that features plant-dyed colorways, locally manufactured with a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating employment opportunities for Austin's refugee population. We cultivate our own dyes on a farm between Elgin and Manor. It is important to keep it in Austin. All the relationships along my supply chain are local.

I saw a lot of opportunity in being here, and the community is so welcoming. That includes UFCU. I enjoy the humanity of UFCU. I always feel heard and important when I work with UFCU. You can really feel their relationship-based approach to banking, whether it's over the phone or in person. UFCU has been a significant part of the development of MBS.”

Name Miranda B
Member Since 2010
Services Checking, SBA Loans 
Representative Mark H