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Building a Better Planet

Consulate W is a proud participant in the first cohort of UFCU Scholars at UT. A world traveler and a budding sustainability champion, she is doing great things.

"I was lucky enough to be named a UFCU Scholar, and so I took advantage of the incentive programs as much as I could. I went to the meetings, opened up a savings account, and learned a lot. One of my favorite meetings was the meeting about credit, because in spite of hearing a lot about it, I never realized how important it is to have good credit! UFCU broke it down very well for me, and it really helped. After that, I started paying attention to my credit score and avoided over-using my credit cards; I just started doing the right thing. Now my credit score is really high.

Beyond finances, the Scholars Program supports you on your career path too. I decided to major in sustainability studies, and I have a minor in architecture studies. In general, we’re learning how to make the best use of our planet's natural resources. For me, I love buildings and architecture, especially green infrastructure, which is crucial to the state of our earth right now.

My goal is to help underserved populations find their way to green infrastructure. It seems that for too long, we've just been building carelessly and not adequately considering culture or tradition or the environment before we build. If I can help others find a right and ethical way to build, I’d like to do that.

I’ve had a couple of internships and have traveled too. I have learned a lot through the Scholars Program and my college experience in general: budgeting for school and travel, how to maneuver in a completely different country, adapting to new places, and even learning how to work with people who are completely different from you or have different cultural background. It’s been great.

Consulate is on track to graduate in 2021 and hopes to land a job that would allow her to travel and make a positive impact on her environment and her community. We are grateful to her for helping make our first cohort of UFCU Scholars at UT a success, and we wish her all the best!

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